Year 2014: 52 things to do in 52 weeks


After having my new year resolution, I had a really clear mind about my main theme and spiritual growth in 2014. Besides knowing that, I do think I still need a measurable way to make things happen. That’s the time when I saw this article for a great inspiration.


So i followed that and created my own check list to do: 

(Not yet started /in process / completed)


1.      Read 52 books in 52 weeks [need list]

2.      Compete 2 online courses [need chose and register]

3.      Complete Spanish course on iPad

4.      Organize information getting resources (social media, website, podcast, newspaper, magazine) [need plan]

5.      Improve English [need plan]


6.      Get up at 6 a.m. for 4 weeks in a row [0/4]

7.      Finish 52 week money challenge [1/52]

8.      Cook at least 52 times in 52 weeks, a new dish every months [1/52]

9.      Write 52 blogs in my own blog in 52 weeks [1/52] 

10.  Make a new list of 52 things in 52 weeks for 2015

11.  Update weekly progress [1/52]

12.  Make my lookbook

13.  Come and leave work on time at least 2 times every week

14.  Organize home in 52 weeks [need list]

15.  Work review once every 3 months [0/4]

16.  Change a new mobile phone

17.  Organize social media account & positioning [need plan]


18.  Learn how to swim

19.  Practice 52 songs of Ukulele [0/52]

20.  365 bible pictures on tumblr [0/365]

21.  Start Chinese Christianity blog

22.  Drawing one picture every 2 weeks [0/26]

23.  Taking one self-portrait photo with camera every month [0/12]

24.  Start radio and have at least 12 programs by myself [0/12]

25.  Make a movie

26.  Shooting more than 500 photos with camera


27.  Play badminton/table tennis/bowling/swim for 30 times in 52 weeks [0/30]

28.  Work out at least once (more than 30 mins) in every week [need track list]

29.  Eat only vegetables meals one day every weeks

30.  Training to run 10km

31.  Lose weight of 5kg [0/5]

32.  Body check


33.  Find a part-time job

34.  Watch 12 films in cinema [0/12]

35.  Try one new restaurant every months [1/12]

36.  Travel one time

37.  Hiking at least 5 times [0/5]

38.  Attend a music concert

39.  Watch 12 English speaking movies without Chinese subtitles [0/12]

40.  Calling mom at least once every week, weekend must [0/52]

41.  Go to 12 places never been to in HK [need list]


42.  Back to hometown once

43.  Start Chinese speaking small group

44.  Visit cousin once*

45.  Visit Beijing once

46.  Write 2 letters to mom [0/2]

47.  Send self-made xmas postcards to friends

48.  Have a bottle to collect things want to thankful for 2014

49.  Develop new friends, not only from church

50.  Buy gifts and mail home 4 times in 52 years [0/4]

51.  Contact with old friends at least once per month [1/12]

52.  TBC


Tonight I shared my list with some of my friends and got encouragement and comments saying ambitious. 

Well I think doing is better than nothing. At the end of the year, when you review the whole year, u maybe just finish reading 30 books out of 52 books, but you will not treat it as a failure but a great success to get more knowledge and deeper thinking. 

You don’t know what will happen unless you try. I will try my best to live a beautiful life from now on.


Hope the whole world is enjoying a beautiful life at the same time.Image


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